Bodywork can help relieve stress and pain. It is an essential part of an active lifestyle. Releasology is the practice and study of “releasing muscles from spasm.” Most forms of chronic pain are caused by muscles in spasm. By releasing these muscles, these many forms of pain can be relieved!

When muscles spasm, or contract involuntarily, the tension can cause micro, or macro, tears of the muscles tendons. By releasing a muscle from spasm, the cause of tearing, and tendonitis, completely goes away.

​ Basically, muscles in spasm wreak havoc on all tissues of the body. They tear their own tendons, they pull bones out of alignment, causing all forms of “subluxations.” They pinch blood vessels, lymphatic channels, nerves and compress endocrine glands and organs. Many injuries can be healed in record time by releasing the associated muscles spasms.

Branch works with athletes, dancers, stroke survivors, his students, family and the auto accident injured. 

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​Rates began at $100 per hour. Discounts for prepaid and booked sessions.

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